Why I had to buy a driver’s license online


“Why I had to buy a driver’s license online”

This is the story of 24-year-old french girl called Elsa.  She works in a company whose name we want to keep quiet. Why I had to buy a driver’s license online. The main story is  about how Elsa had to buy a driver’s license online.  It as a recomended way she will advise her European friends and family.

 Driving school for job opportunity

    Coming from a very modest family, Elsa tries for the first time to obtain a driving license at the age of 24. Elsa legally registserd in a driving school and atteded her lessons regularly. The first time she wrote an exam, she came out of the exam room very happy. Unfortunately, on the day of the final results Elsa realised that she failed . She will not be granted the opportunity to obtain a driving license. She has to wait for the next session and put in more effort that the previous.  At the same time, Elsa was expecting to use her driving license to complete her job application. She had all the qualifications for the  job description, and more to that her uncle is the Cheif Executive Officer of this company. She will have no rival for such a well paid post. 

The situation now is that, Elsa has spent almost 2500 euros for training. At the end she has not still obtained her driving license. She lost the only opportunity to have a descent job at the age of 24. Alas, everything did not go as planned .  Elsa had used all her savings and could not even pass the driver’s license exam. She says, “my uncle trusted me, but I failed.”

License at all cost

Two years after this mishap, Elsa’s parents, working for a local multinational are now posted to London. “I could have been able to pay another 2500 euros, but I was no longer in the same city, I was desperate,” she said. Elsa finally decided to embark on a procedure to buy driver’s license online, advised by her new neighbor who admits to having also done so: In london , it is very common.  “She told me how hard it was for her to pay so much money to train while her husband had already taught her to drive . Stella finally gives me the link to a website that sold driving licenses for less than 1500 euros. “

Important information about driving license

“I chose to follow Stella blindly, because I too already knew how to drive. I contacted the customer service of this site so that it tells me the procedure to follow to buy a legal and authentic driving license. They sent me a form on which I filled in my personal information and gave me instructions to make a payment advance that would allow them to produce the document. “

 Information about paying for a driving license

Elsa says that she was very scared but that she ended up paying even the full payment of 1300 euros.  She knew she was already soaked and decided to go all the way. “They told me either I pay 700 euros in 2 installments or I pay 1300 euros at once.  They told her that she will get the document 6 days after the order is placed.  “In the morning of the 6th day, they knock on my door, and they deliver me a parcel, whereas I was already worried”

She opened the package far away from her parents who were asking questions. It was a driver’s license bearing her information, very authentic, and in appendix appeared on a white paper a registration number and the website on which she could check the registration. The drivig license is legally registered and valid. She concluded by saying that “buying a driver’s license was a risky but rewarding and useful experience”.

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  1. I am already 21 years old and my parents still refuse to allow me to register at the driving school, saying that I can not get a driver’s license until I pass the baccalaureate. I do not agree and want to buy my driver’s license now. I have been driving since I was 16 and I think it is time to make this asset official. It’s good for evening jobs.

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