Which motorcycle license to buy online?

Which motorcycle license to buy online?

Buy motorcycle license online. From driving license AM to driving license A to driving licenses A1 and A2, the choice is sometimes difficult when you want to buy a driver’s license online. However, the general difference between these permits in EU countries is the age. The age at which you can use the type of driving license you want.

Indeed, many citizens place orders to buy driver’s licenses online without even knowing a minimum of information on the driving licenses they want to buy, creating confusion in the minds of the staff in charge of producing such licenses. documents. Check How to buy a legal driving license online

Important information about motorcycle license to buy online

Check that the below conditions are met before you place an order. If you do not respect these conditions, ask the agent with which you are in contact as soon as possible. Keep in mind that, your purchased driver’s license, is authentic, legal and registered. This is as per our policy. Buy a motorcycle license online within 6 working days.

Different motorcycle licence types and categories

  • Obtain AM Licence

     The AM driving license is obtained as from the age of 14 years . This principally concerns people who have no license and who want to drive mopeds, scooters or light quadricycles and tricycles. AM engine power does not exceed 50hp. So, to buy an AM driver’s license online, you have to be at least 14 years old and have never had a driver’s license before. 

  • Get A1 Licence (light motorcycles)

Category A1 driving license, also called AL-A1, it is obtained as from 16 years old. This license allows  you to drive motorcycles with engine capacity not exceeding 123cm3. The A1 driving license permits you to drive a scooter without clutch. To buy one online, you must first know this information.

  • Apply for A2 Licence (standard motorcycles)

       To buy a driving license category A2, you must first know that it is accessible as from 18 years. It gives the right to drive motorcycles whose power is limited to 47.5 hp and whose power of origin must not exceed 90.5 hp.

  • The A Licence (unrestricted motorcycles)

     Before thinking about buying an online Class A driver’s license, you must be at least 20 years old and have 2 years of A2 driving license experience. So, even if you do not have this experience It will not be possible. Unless, you contat us directly. When you want to buy a class A driver’s license, you will receive your license with category A2 license obtained two years ago. It is registered as such for more authenticity. With an A driving license, you can drive motorcycles of any displacement without power restriction.


  • Buy a driver’s license and check the registration before delivery

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