Obtain Driving License In Europe

A driver’s license can be obtained without attending driving courses. Yes, this option is possible if you already know how to drive a vehicle well, know the principle of its design, and also well acquainted with traffic rules, markings and road signs. In this case, you do not need to spend time visiting classes in a driving school.  To obtain driving license in europe,it is better to buy. You will get your document at an affordable cost in from a specialized organization.

Benefits of getting such rights

By purchasing a driver’s license, you will find the benefits:

  • Saving time to attend courses – buying such rights will take a minimum of time. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a set of documents for obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Saving money – as a rule, it is cheaper to buy a driving license than to attend a driving school and take an exam on your own. Others will prefer because they want to learn. What if you have already failed the exams several times?
  • Additionally, when you buy, you will be given a medical certificate and a certificate of completion of the driving course.

Remember: if you do not belong to the category of experienced and confident drivers, a driving school visit is a must! Your life and the safety of others depend on your ability to behave properly on the road!

Where to Obtain Driving License In Europe?

europe driving licence
obtain EU Driving Licence

Finding companies offering their services in obtaining driving license is not particularly difficult. Such a business flourishes in countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, Uk, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and many others. offers to buy driving permits can be easily found on the Internet.

Such organizations have close ties with employees at the Transport office. The process of obtaining a driver’s license will be legal: the documents are drawn up through a driving school and the permit will be mandatory included in the traffic police database.

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Average cost of driving license

Now the most interesting part: how much it costs to buy a driving license. According to official data, the cost of buying a driver’s license on average is 1200 euros. Get it for one week or more. The above amount is lower than the cost of obtaining a certificate through a driving school. The main advantage is that you do not need to spend 3 months on attending courses and passing exams at the traffic police.

Prices for the official receipt of driving license after visiting a driving school are higher due to the necessary expenditure of funds for:

  • gasoline for training car;
  • professional instructor services;
  • getting insurance.
    The above price for obtaining a permit is basic. It directly depends on the period of obtaining a driver’s license and intermediaries, through which you use.

Where to begin?

First of all, you should find a reliable mediator. You can use the advice of your friends and relatives, who previously acquired driving license in the same way. Nevertheless, also contacts of reliable organizations can be found in specialized forums where people share their experience and useful information.

Similar intermediary firms offer the following:

  • Official receipt of a driver’s license for 7-21 days for all categories.
  • Making a medical certificate on the suitability of driving.
  • Obtaining a legal driving school certificate of driving.
    You will need the following documents:
  1. A photocopy of Identity card or passport.
    Where your names and date of birth will be extracted.
  2. Color photos.
  3. Signature

They will help you with the driving license not only to cars and motorcycles. You can also get a driver’s license on specific categories such as:

– agricultural machinery;
– excavators and electric loaders;
– cranes and tractors;
– bulldozers, etc.

Suspension or lost of driving license

Most intermediary organizations offer their assistance not only in obtaining a fast and easy driver’s license. They can also help get your driver’s license back in case of deprivation for any reason.

To reobtain your permit, you often have to wait about one year. However, this period can be shortened by contacting a special agency that provides services in matters of returning a lost document.

Little results on obtaining driving license in europe

Thus, to buy a driver’s license in europe is not particularly difficult. To do this, just need to contact a specialized organization, to provide the necessary documents and pay for services. But remember: to acquire a driver’s license in this way is possible only if you are a confident driver and have the proper theoretical knowledge. Remember that the safety and lives of people around you directly depend on you. Always be careful and careful on the road!

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