Obtain Driving License In Europe

A driver’s license can be obtained without attending driving courses. Yes, this option is possible if you already know how to drive a vehicle well, know the principle of its design, and also well acquainted with traffic rules, markings and road signs. In this case, you do not need to spend time visiting classes in a driving school.  To obtain driving license in europe,it is better to buy. You will get your document at an affordable cost in from a specialized organization.

Benefits of getting such rights

By purchasing a driver’s license, you will find the benefits:

  • Saving time to attend courses – buying such rights will take a minimum of time. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a set of documents for obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Saving money – as a rule, it is cheaper to buy a driving license than to attend a driving school and take an exam on your own. Others will prefer because they want to learn. What if you have already failed the exams several times?
  • Additionally, when you buy, you will be given a medical certificate and a certificate of completion of the driving course.

Remember: if you do not belong to the category of experienced and confident drivers, a driving school visit is a must! Your life and the safety of others depend on your ability to behave properly on the road!

Where to Obtain Driving License In Europe?

europe driving licence
obtain EU Driving Licence

Finding companies offering their services in obtaining driving license is not particularly difficult. Such a business flourishes in countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, Uk, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and many others. offers to buy driving permits can be easily found on the Internet.

Such organizations have close ties with employees at the Transport office. The process of obtaining a driver’s license will be legal: the documents are drawn up through a driving school and the permit will be mandatory included in the traffic police database.

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Average cost of driving license

Now the most interesting part: how much it costs to buy a driving license. According to official data, the cost of buying a driver’s license on average is 1200 euros. Get it for one week or more. The above amount is lower than the cost of obtaining a certificate through a driving school. The main advantage is that you do not need to spend 3 months on attending courses and passing exams at the traffic police.

Prices for the official receipt of driving license after visiting a driving school are higher due to the necessary expenditure of funds for:

  • gasoline for training car;
  • professional instructor services;
  • getting insurance.
    The above price for obtaining a permit is basic. It directly depends on the period of obtaining a driver’s license and intermediaries, through which you use.

Where to begin?

First of all, you should find a reliable mediator. You can use the advice of your friends and relatives, who previously acquired driving license in the same way. Nevertheless, also contacts of reliable organizations can be found in specialized forums where people share their experience and useful information.

Similar intermediary firms offer the following:

  • Official receipt of a driver’s license for 7-21 days for all categories.
  • Making a medical certificate on the suitability of driving.
  • Obtaining a legal driving school certificate of driving.
    You will need the following documents:
  1. A photocopy of Identity card or passport.
    Where your names and date of birth will be extracted.
  2. Color photos.
  3. Signature

They will help you with the driving license not only to cars and motorcycles. You can also get a driver’s license on specific categories such as:

– agricultural machinery;
– excavators and electric loaders;
– cranes and tractors;
– bulldozers, etc.

Suspension or lost of driving license

Most intermediary organizations offer their assistance not only in obtaining a fast and easy driver’s license. They can also help get your driver’s license back in case of deprivation for any reason.

To reobtain your permit, you often have to wait about one year. However, this period can be shortened by contacting a special agency that provides services in matters of returning a lost document.

Little results on obtaining driving license in europe

Thus, to buy a driver’s license in europe is not particularly difficult. To do this, just need to contact a specialized organization, to provide the necessary documents and pay for services. But remember: to acquire a driver’s license in this way is possible only if you are a confident driver and have the proper theoretical knowledge. Remember that the safety and lives of people around you directly depend on you. Always be careful and careful on the road!

Why I had to buy a driver’s license online


“Why I had to buy a driver’s license online”

This is the story of 24-year-old french girl called Elsa.  She works in a company whose name we want to keep quiet. Why I had to buy a driver’s license online. The main story is  about how Elsa had to buy a driver’s license online.  It as a recomended way she will advise her European friends and family.

 Driving school for job opportunity

    Coming from a very modest family, Elsa tries for the first time to obtain a driving license at the age of 24. Elsa legally registserd in a driving school and atteded her lessons regularly. The first time she wrote an exam, she came out of the exam room very happy. Unfortunately, on the day of the final results Elsa realised that she failed . She will not be granted the opportunity to obtain a driving license. She has to wait for the next session and put in more effort that the previous.  At the same time, Elsa was expecting to use her driving license to complete her job application. She had all the qualifications for the  job description, and more to that her uncle is the Cheif Executive Officer of this company. She will have no rival for such a well paid post. 

The situation now is that, Elsa has spent almost 2500 euros for training. At the end she has not still obtained her driving license. She lost the only opportunity to have a descent job at the age of 24. Alas, everything did not go as planned .  Elsa had used all her savings and could not even pass the driver’s license exam. She says, “my uncle trusted me, but I failed.”

License at all cost

Two years after this mishap, Elsa’s parents, working for a local multinational are now posted to London. “I could have been able to pay another 2500 euros, but I was no longer in the same city, I was desperate,” she said. Elsa finally decided to embark on a procedure to buy driver’s license online, advised by her new neighbor who admits to having also done so: In london , it is very common.  “She told me how hard it was for her to pay so much money to train while her husband had already taught her to drive . Stella finally gives me the link to a website that sold driving licenses for less than 1500 euros. “

Important information about driving license

“I chose to follow Stella blindly, because I too already knew how to drive. I contacted the customer service of this site so that it tells me the procedure to follow to buy a legal and authentic driving license. They sent me a form on which I filled in my personal information and gave me instructions to make a payment advance that would allow them to produce the document. “

 Information about paying for a driving license

Elsa says that she was very scared but that she ended up paying even the full payment of 1300 euros.  She knew she was already soaked and decided to go all the way. “They told me either I pay 700 euros in 2 installments or I pay 1300 euros at once.  They told her that she will get the document 6 days after the order is placed.  “In the morning of the 6th day, they knock on my door, and they deliver me a parcel, whereas I was already worried”

She opened the package far away from her parents who were asking questions. It was a driver’s license bearing her information, very authentic, and in appendix appeared on a white paper a registration number and the website on which she could check the registration. The drivig license is legally registered and valid. She concluded by saying that “buying a driver’s license was a risky but rewarding and useful experience”.

Which motorcycle license to buy online?

Which motorcycle license to buy online?

Buy motorcycle license online. From driving license AM to driving license A to driving licenses A1 and A2, the choice is sometimes difficult when you want to buy a driver’s license online. However, the general difference between these permits in EU countries is the age. The age at which you can use the type of driving license you want.

Indeed, many citizens place orders to buy driver’s licenses online without even knowing a minimum of information on the driving licenses they want to buy, creating confusion in the minds of the staff in charge of producing such licenses. documents. Check How to buy a legal driving license online

Important information about motorcycle license to buy online

Check that the below conditions are met before you place an order. If you do not respect these conditions, ask the agent with which you are in contact as soon as possible. Keep in mind that, your purchased driver’s license, is authentic, legal and registered. This is as per our policy. Buy a motorcycle license online within 6 working days.

Different motorcycle licence types and categories

  • Obtain AM Licence

     The AM driving license is obtained as from the age of 14 years . This principally concerns people who have no license and who want to drive mopeds, scooters or light quadricycles and tricycles. AM engine power does not exceed 50hp. So, to buy an AM driver’s license online, you have to be at least 14 years old and have never had a driver’s license before. 

  • Get A1 Licence (light motorcycles)

Category A1 driving license, also called AL-A1, it is obtained as from 16 years old. This license allows  you to drive motorcycles with engine capacity not exceeding 123cm3. The A1 driving license permits you to drive a scooter without clutch. To buy one online, you must first know this information.

  • Apply for A2 Licence (standard motorcycles)

       To buy a driving license category A2, you must first know that it is accessible as from 18 years. It gives the right to drive motorcycles whose power is limited to 47.5 hp and whose power of origin must not exceed 90.5 hp.

  • The A Licence (unrestricted motorcycles)

     Before thinking about buying an online Class A driver’s license, you must be at least 20 years old and have 2 years of A2 driving license experience. So, even if you do not have this experience It will not be possible. Unless, you contat us directly. When you want to buy a class A driver’s license, you will receive your license with category A2 license obtained two years ago. It is registered as such for more authenticity. With an A driving license, you can drive motorcycles of any displacement without power restriction.


  • Buy a driver’s license and check the registration before delivery

How to buy a legal driving license online

Buy any legal driving license category on our website

How to buy a legal driving license online, whether to drive your motorcycle, your car, drive a truck or drive a light vehicle. We sell all categories of driver’s license on this site. If you want to buy a Class A legal driver’s license or a Class B, C or D driver’s license in one of the subcategories, you’re in the right place. You can also order several categories of driver’s licenses at the same time according to your needs.

Many people think that they can not buy a legal and original driving license online. They are wrong because on this site you can buy a real driver’s license without moving a single second since it will be delivered to your house under discreet cover. With us, you buy a legal driver’s license that will not cause you any problem before the judicial authorities or your company because it is original. To obtain it, simply fill out our contact form to enter into discussions with our team via your e-mail address and, in this case, we will contact you only for the financial conditions and the method of payment.

It is very difficult to get a real driving license in Europe by the normal voice

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a normal driving license in the United Kingdom and several European Union countries, as driving tests are becoming more difficult and stressful. In addition, the driving license is extremely expensive and when passing the exam several times, as is the case for many French, Belgian and Swiss, we lose a lot of time and money. That’s why we decided to give all these citizens and the rest of the world the opportunity to buy a legal driver’s license online. The document we propose is stored in all the databases of the countries concerned. Our contacts who are in the administrations of these different countries introduce in the corresponding databases the data of our customers.

How to obtain a registered driver’s license

Buy your legal driving license online at a lower cost

On this site therefore, you can easily buy a legal driving license from 650 euros and therefore at least four times cheaper than normal. In addition, as we have said so well in the FAQ, you will pay the sum in two tranches with security and confidentiality. And that’s not all !! You will receive the document no later than 5 days after the payment of the second installment. Thus, the purchase of a driving license on this site is fast, cheap, secure and confidential. Remember that your driving license is legal and stored in the files and databases of the countries concerned.

Take advantage of our experience, trust us and buy your driver’s license legally and easily

So trust our team and know that having worked for more than 15 years, we have enough experience to provide quality service. That’s why, always dedicated to our mission to promote the purchase of a legal and original driving license, we invite you to talk to your loved ones who need it when you are satisfied. It’s time to contact us and place your order …

How much does a driver’s license cost online?

Driver’s license price on our website (online) – vs – UK driver’s license price

In the United Kingdom, you can decide to obtain a driving license normally, that is to say through a driving school, the price of the driving license in this case costing at least 1500 GBP – in passing the exam at one time. You can also decide to obtain a driving license online via our website, which also has a price, but is much lower than the normal price, which does not prevent the document that we propose from being legitimate , true and authentic. Indeed, a driving license on our site is obtained without examination from 800 GBP with payment in two parts. Of course we specify that there is no written exam or practical exam.

Place your order and start using your license in 5 days

Why is the price of a driver’s license so low on our site?

The price of the driving license in the UK that we set on our website is so low because we want to give these people who sometimes, although knowing perfectly how to drive are overwhelmed by the stress of passing the driving license exam. It is sometimes complex and unpredictable to obtain this precious sesame. We are here to give a real alternative to all citizens who wish to obtain their driver’s license whether for a light vehicle, for a truck, for a passenger carrier or a motorcycle.

How do we proceed when you pay the first payment?

When you have paid the first installment for the purchase of a driving license on our site, we start the procedures for preparing your document and registering in the databases of the country concerned via our contacts. Five days later, we print your driver’s license at the same place where the permits of those who have passed the test are normally printed. At the end of the process, your license is delivered to you and you pay the second installment of the cost of the document.

Buy a second authentic passport

And if you had lost too many points …

So, on our website, at a relatively low price, get your Category A, Category B or Class C license quickly, and why not a Class D driver’s license. You just need to contact us and pass your order for us to give you the price of the corresponding driver’s license and explain the payment procedure. We can also help you re-validate your driver’s license if you have lost too many points. You can also, if you have lost too many points, decide to obtain another driver’s license in complete safety and compliance.

Finally, discover our website and look more closely at our offer …

This article aims to present the price of driver’s license on our website and also to summarize the services we offer in this direction that are much cheaper and safer than normal. You can also consult our other articles and, in addition to the price of the driving license on this site, to discover other peculiarities of the services which we offer. Have a nice visit on our site …